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Enjoy Safe, Worry Free Play with Little Playzone

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Before the baby was born, it was easy to do things around the house or out in the yard without worrying about anyone but yourself. Now, it can be daunting, attempting to come up with something to keep your active baby occupied as you knock out those necessary activities, like chores and eating a relaxing meal. The Little Playzone with its colorful walls and entertaining gizmos lets caregivers have a few moments of productivity while their little ones occupy themselves in a colorful playpen.

Each Little Playzone kit will arrive with four walls that fit to one another with four corner segments. It only takes a few moments to set it up and it’s pretty simple to do. One wall has a door for small ones to walk in and out of the enclosure, and the gate locks so that your mobile baby won’t just get out and about. A different wall provides the activity center, with its gizmos and buttons, handles, keyboard, and a mirror. The other walls, gateway, and corner pieces are slotted so that children can see outside the enclosure. The end result is a secure, colorful play yard close to the size of a traditional play pen, with the sides no higher than four feet high.

The Little Playzone has the option of suction cups so the activity center would not reposition all over the floor in a room or living area where there is no carpet or mat. Extension kits are available for purchase with the Little Playzone, to broaden the area of the enclosure, but a few parents may opt to just try to get two or more packages instead. The motive regarding this is to use in different locations or expand the play area so that they may easily place more on the inside, plus themselves! This of course delights just about any toddler that needs to be in close proximity to a parent or guardian but wants to have access to the Little Playzone’s features. Adults can be inside it to play, but can leave if necessary, to use the phone or take care of many random chores about the house.

Small kids don’t consider the Little Playzone as a sort of confinement, created to keep them away from their parents or guardians. Because of the exercises available inside and the rich colors, it is more comparable to a play center to them, and they love it.

The Little Playzone is non-toxic, long lasting and strong, and because it is plastic, it is easy to care for. Batteries are provided, which cuts out a step in the set up. The songs may perhaps be a bit too loud for some children, though. There is no way to change the volume level, and some improvisation may be in order, to make the sound level more tolerable.

The Little Playzone stimulates very little children with its vibrant colors, lights, playthings, and cheery tunes, and almost all of the action is on one wall. It encourages finger and eye control and gives your little one something entertaining to do while you take time for other things that need to be done during the day.

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